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I was browsing the forums today and saw a user had written in his signature "member since 2003". I immediately felt immaturely superior because I pride myself having known about Newgrounds for a long time, so I decided to check my sign up date to see when I actually officially joined this site. Apparently that was in March of 2001. Wow. Almost 10 years. Damn. But the truth of it is I was going to this site way before. Back when Assassin was the biggest thing here. As a young elementary school kid, before I even had internet at my home I would ask my Dad to take me to the Bucks County Free Library so that I could use their computers / internet to play on New Grounds. Judge Judy Assassin was awesome.

The librarian would subtly watch me and my dad browse Newgrounds and once in a full moon she would actually tell us the computers were not for entertainment use. We would say "oh, ok", let her walk away, and go right back to playing. Brings a smile to think about. Eventually they started putting timers on the computers and we were limited to an hour and a half. Which of course would fly by. Those were the days though. I would look forward to visiting my dad (parents were divorced) so he could take me to the library.

A few years went on, Stamper faked his death and all my friends in school were actually talking about it like a member of our family died. Haha. Wow. Mindchamber came around and dropped some of the coolest shit I had ever seen. Heroes of Cybertron was jaw dropping at the time. Still kinda is in retrospect.

But times have changed for me. I still visit NG daily and once a week I will load up a game. Or if I see Adam Phillips drop some new flash cocaine, I will of course jump on that.

For me, the best part of Newgrounds is not the content, but the gears behind it. I am not talking just about the staff, but also the community behind it. People dedicating weeks / months / even years, to develop a game or cartoon to be watched by their peers, with no real assurance that they will even like it, or that it will get any attention.

The talents gathered here on Newgrounds spans almost all art mediums. Although not all of us have a place here to present our works, we are still united with our fellow NG family by our desire to create and share.

Kinda sucks doesn't it. There has been a struggle for some time now of members on NG wanting to share their off topic art. Example, photography. But the issue comes up that if we allow all these are art mediums, will we lose the very soul of Newgrounds? We don't want some film school snobs shitting on our soul by posting some pseudo intellectual indie movie bullshit.

I think there is a way we could open up NG to a wider medium of artist who want NG to be the launching area for their creations. The answer was already here, just not developed properly. NG Mag. NG Mag was launched to get sneak peaks at upcoming work and interview popular NG artist. It ultimately ... well.. failed :/

Not sure why, but my guess is that it was missing both content / spotlight / and management.

Now I am not suggesting NG Mag be brought back to the same it was. But rather a re-invention. Bring NG Mag back in a form that not just focuses on previewing upcoming future Flash titles and artist interviews, but as a spotlight on the community as a whole.

Here are some ideas for a new NG Mag (keep in mind I see this as a digital interactive mag posted on NG). Something like what New Web Pick puts out. http://ezine.newwebpick.com/

1. Broaden the focus to community events like photos and video taken at the events (cause browsing peoples facebook for event videos is stalkerish). Why am I only seeing photos of this stuff on Brain Wash Studios and community blogs?

2. Spotlight on side projects from NG artist. Example: Happy Harry producing tv skits.

3. Create and feature creative contest for the community. Example Hong Kong has a 48 hour film festival. Participants have to film and edit a film to present within 48 hours. We could do that, and feature the winning films inside the digital mag.

Stuff like the Pink Knight food contest could also be featured.

4. Artist features. Interactive designed gallery featuring a museum with this mag edition's hottest pics and artist interviews.

5. NG Stories - Real stories submitted by users that are unique and tied to New Grounds.

6. Interviews with professional animators and industry artist. Tips for the community on how to improve their skills. *I would really want to see this one*

There is so much more that can be done and I am sure our users have a lot better ideas than this, but the fact is we have a great community and there is so much going on at all times, that it's kinda getting hard to follow it all. So having something like the NG Mag focus on all this stuff allows us to consolidate and give more spotlight on the other things that go on in the background that we care just as much about, but don't get to see / hear quite as often.

So how about it? I hope Tom or anyone of influence on NG reads this and maybe could get the ball rolling. I would love to do it, and I think the community would like a nice NG mag that is both pleasing to the eye and filled with amazing contents about our community and various happenings.

Here is a little idea mock. I imagine it wider and with better content, but I used what I found on in the downloads section (wallpapers).

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